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“Journey From the Caspian” Announced as 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games Theme

By Farid Malikov March 15, 2017


The Islamic Solidarity Games has released the official celebratory route to be taken and leading up to the opening ceremony, entitled “Journey From the Caspian.” The journey will begin with a ceremony at the Stone Chronical Museum in Baku on 5 April before visiting 15 locations across Azerbaijan, in what is to be a build-up to the games’ commencement on 12 May at the Baku Olympic Stadium.

Water, the source of life and a symbol of purity and unity within Islam, will be the main theme of Journey from the Caspian. The journey will cover more than 3,000 kms over 37 days, and visit 15 water locations across the country. At each location water will be collected in copper vessels, which will later be used in the opening ceremony.

The Islamic Solidarity Games is a multinational and multi-sport event, involving elite athletes from Organization of the Islamic Conference member states.  The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games will be held in Azerbaijan, from May 12-22. Previous games were held in Saudi Arabia (2005) and Indonesia (2013).