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“Truth” Is Heading To Tel Aviv For Eurovision 2019

By Nigar Bayramli March 12, 2019


Chingiz Mustafayev will be the 12th contestant from Azerbaijan at the ESC / Eurovision.Tv

Chingiz Mustafayev, the 27-year old singer from Azerbaijan, will be taking his hit song “Truth” to Tel Aviv in May to compete in the 2019 edition of the Eurovision song contest.

Public Television, the official broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan, announced on March 8 that Chingiz, as he is commonly known, was the top pick from more than 350 entries that were competing for national representation at this year’s competition to be held in Israel.

"Initially, I was a little nervous about how Chingiz would perform the song since he comes from a different musical background,” said Borislav Milanov, a Bulgarian-Austrian songwriter, who wrote “Truth.”

“But meeting him totally changed my mind. He's so passionate about music and his own culture. We even added some unique elements of traditional Azerbaijani music, which worked brilliantly to make the song an authentic fusion of Azerbaijan and the West.”

Milanov is familiar with Eurovision, as he authored Bulgaria’s contestant entries in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and wrote a song for Austria’s contestant in 2018. 

Chingiz will sing Milanov’s “Truth” during the 2019 Eurovision second semi-final to be held on May 16, when Chingiz will take the stage and compete against talents from Albania, Croatia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway and Russia.

“Truth” is categorized as a contemporary, radio-friendly and personal piece that is a major departure from Chingiz’s popular flamenco-inspired compositions. The song’s lyrics are about a dishonest, toxic relationship whereby the character is obsessed with betrayal. The betrayer leaves her partner with a difficult choice - either accept the deceit or break free from false illusions.

Chingiz is one of the most viewed national singers on YouTube. His self-directed video for the song “Tenha Gezen” (The Lone Walker), which he wrote himself, has surpassed 3.3 million views.

Singers from Azerbaijan have made it through to the finals each year since the country fist started sending its talent to Eurovision in 2008, making it one of the few countries that have had a perfect record of qualifications for the Grand Final. Azerbaijan was the national winner of Eurovision in 2011, when the duo Ell and Nikki set the stage for Baku to play host to the 2012 competition.