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Azerbaijani Female Chess Grandmaster Wins World Championship

By Ilham Karimli October 13, 2023


Azerbaijani female chess player Govhar Beydullayeva / Nikiel Photo

Azerbaijani female chess player Govhar Beydullayeva has won the FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship.

Grandmaster Beydullayeva clinched the victory in Sardinia, Italy on Thursday. Nine points scored in eleven rounds put the 20-year-old chess player on top of the winners’ stand in the girls’ category of the tournament.

The triumph in Sardinia added the second trophy from this Mediterranean island to Beydullayeva’s collection. Last year, she was crowned the 2022 World Junior Championship in the Italian region.

Beydullayeva was born in 2003 in Saudi Arabia. Her first chess teacher was her father Kamran Beydullayev. At five, in 2008, Beydullayeva moved to Azerbaijan and attended courses at the Trade Unions Chess and Сheckers Club of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the capital Baku.

Between 2013 and 2020, she won the European and world championships among girls. She holds bronze, silver, and gold medals in domestic tournaments in Azerbaijan. In 2022, Beydullayeva was acknowledged with a grandmaster title.