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Turkish Drone Producer Registers Subsidiary in Azerbaijan

By Timucin Turksoy December 28, 2022


Azerbaijan is one of the buyers of the cutting-edge Turkish drone Bayraktar TB2 along with Ukraine, Qatar, Libya, and Poland / Courtesy

The State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan has registered Bayraktar Technology Azerbaijan, a subsidiary of the Turkish Baykar Technology drone producer.

According to the ministry, the authorized capital of the new company is 1.7 million Azerbaijani manats or $1 million. The new entity in Azerbaijan will be represented by Huseyin Topuz, a coordinator of Baykar Technology. 

According to data compiled by the Turkish government, Türkiye ranks fourth among the largest manufacturers of combat drones globally. Baykar Technology is the producer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the most famous of which is the strike and reconnaissance drone Bayraktar TB2. The company’s UAV product line includes Bayraktar Akıncı System, Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar VTOL UAV, and Bayraktar Mini UAV.

In mid-2022, Selcuk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar Technology, confirmed the company's interest in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge aerial devices in Azerbaijan.

Turkish Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) played a crucial role in giving Azerbaijan a clear edge over Armenia during the 44-day war in the Karabakh region, an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan. The cutting-edge drone fleet of the Azerbaijani army, which includes Bayraktar TB2 next to Israeli-made UAVs and loitering munitions, is said to have destroyed more the 200 pieces of armor and artillery systems of Armenia during the hostilities.

The drones and loitering munitions allowed the Azerbaijani army to narrow down Armenia’s military force. Video footage released regularly by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan demonstrated the destruction of tanks, armored personnel vehicles, air defense units, and ammunition depots of Armenia across the battlefields by drone strikes. The Bayraktar TB2 attack drones in the arsenal of the Azerbaijan Air Force were crucial in giving the army an upper hand against Armenia's troops since they have been quite effective in destroying both moving targets like tanks and armored personnel vehicles, and steady targets such as air-defense units.

The Western media, after the Second Karabakh War, touted Bayraktar TB2 drones to have a game-changer impact on Azerbaijan’s victory in the war. After the war, many countries, including Ukraine, Qatar, Libya, and Poland, purchased Bayraktar TB2 to strengthen their militaries.