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Top 5 ‘Must See’ Lakes In Azerbaijan

By Mushvig Mehdiyev May 6, 2018


Around 350,000 tourists came to see the Lake Göygöl in 2017

If a tour along a scenic lake is on your summer travel bucket list, you should hop over to Azerbaijan. Crystal-clear lakes scattered from south to north, east to west in this Caspian country are unmatched places for swimming, boating, hiking in the surrounding hills, camping on the shores, or just gazing at their beauty.

Here are the Top 5 ‘must see’ lakes worth checking out in Azerbaijan:

5. Lake Khanbulan

Lake Khanbulan in Azerbaijan’s southeast city of Lankaran is an eye-catching mixture of Mother Nature's beauty, from thick green woods to crystal-clear waters and picturesque foothills. Khanbulan is perfect for hiking and picnicking, thanks to its all-green beauty, surrounded by the Talish Mountains.


Lake Khanbulan

4. Lake Chanlibel

A trip to Lake Chanlibel in the northern Guba region of Azerbaijan could turn into an exploration of nature, as the lake is not fully discovered due to its off-the-radar status until recently. The small picturesque lake is considered a perfect place for a family picnic, due to its meadows and safe conditions. If fishing in a quiet place in fresh air among the mountains is a way of putting yourself at ease, Lake Chanlibel is the spot for you.


Lake Chanlibel

3. Lake Batabat

To see four seasons of the year at the same time in the same place is barely possible, as the snow and sunshine push each other off like the same poles of magnets. But Lake Batabat, located in Azerbaijan’s southwestern Shahbuz district, defies conventional wisdom. The lake is embraced by snowy mountains around the green and flowery meadows, at 1,700 meters above the sea level, which creates a mind-blowing landscape that is available in very few corners of the world. Although swimming and fishing are not widely seen in Lake Batabat, camping and hiking, and of course the immense beauty of nature come to be lake’s best offers for recreation. A tiny island of sphagnum moss floats along the Lake Batabat uninterruptedly depending on the wind direction, making it look like a floating island.


Lake Batabat

2. Lake Nohur

If you love to calm down in a boat in the middle of a lake or scream a delightful “yes!” after pulling a fish out from under the water, Lake Nohur is the place for you. The all-green lake stands 700 meters in elevation from the sea level in the middle of three mountains in the northern Gabala region. Visitors are welcome to bring camping gear and spend days out in the wilderness and enjoying nature. If self-service is not the kind thing you have in mind for a relaxing vacation, order a menu at one of the lakeside restaurants, where you can taste organic foods and sweets peculiar to the Gabala region.


Lake Nohur

1. Lake Göygöl

Lake Göygöl, or “Blue Lake,” is located around snowy mountains at 1,556 meters above the sea level in the western Göygöl district of Azerbaijan. It arguably one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Caspian country. The lake was born in the wake of a strong earthquake, which devastated the Mount Kapaz to block the Aghsu River with huge stone debris from the mountain. The name Göygöl comes from the color of its water, which changes constantly from green to blue and vice-versa. Around 350,000 tourists came to see this natural wonder in 2017. Swimming, boating, fishing, and camping are prohibited in Göygöl due to its strict protection by the government. However, a special bus service in the lake territory provides a sightseeing tour to surrounding hills and woods.


Lake Göygöl