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Tickets For Euro 2020 Games In Baku Go On Sale

By Ilham Karimli December 6, 2019


The 70,000-seat Olympic Stadium will take in all four games of Euro 2020 in Baku / Courtesy

Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) gave the go-ahead on Wednesday to the sales of tickets to the 2020 UEFA European Championship, four games of which that will take in the capital Baku next summer.

Football aficionados will be able to buy tickets online over two weeks until December 18. Tickets are offered at three different prices. The most expensive price tag is €150 ($166). The medium price is €70 ($77), while the cheapest comes for €30 ($33).

To encourage the people with physical disabilities to come to the stadium, the ruling football (soccer) organization AFFA set the lowest €30 ($33) price for tickets purchased by them. Those who will assist such people in the stadium will be given a ticket free of charge. 

AFFA said in a statement issued on Wednesday that Baku is one of three host cities alongside Bucharest and Budapest where tickets are sold at lower prices than in other nine cities in Europe.

The 2020 UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2020 is the ultimate football championship of national teams in Europe. The tournament will take place from June 12 - July 12 in twelve cities across the continent. To celebrate the 60th anniversary since the inception of the tournament, this year’s event will for the first time span the entire continent instead of a single host country. 

Azerbaijan will play a host to three group games and one quarter-final game of the championship alongside Russia, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Romania, England, Scotland, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Hungary.

On June 13, the national men’s football teams of Wales and Switzerland will take the pitch in the 70,000-seat Olympic Stadium in Baku. The next group stage game in the Caspian Sea coastal city will feature the teams of Turkey and Wales. The largest city of Azerbaijan will play a host to the last game of Group A on June 21 between Switzerland and Turkey. The date for the quarter-final game in the city is July 4.

The opening game of Euro 2020 will be held in Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Legendary Wembley Stadium in London will take in the final match to decide the winners of the title, which was claimed by Portugal in the previous tournament in 2016.