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Over 4 Million People in Azerbaijan Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

By Timucin Turksoy October 22, 2021


A sign on the Baku metro building warns to wear face masks before entering the subway station, Baku, Azerbaijan, May 9, 2020 / Murad Orujov / Sputnik Azerbaijan

The overall number of Covid-19 vaccines administered in Azerbaijan surpassed nine million. 

According to the latest data compiled by the Operative Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, 9.32 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the country since the start of the mass inoculation in January 2021.

More than 4.29 million people in Azerbaijan have already completed the two-dose vaccination, according to the statistics.

The vaccination campaign in Azerbaijan is voluntary and government-sponsored. It should include two doses to complete the immunization and receive a vaccination passport. Residents can register for Covid-19 vaccination on an online platform launched by the state-run Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance.

Most of the vaccinated people have received the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine. Azerbaijan purchased a total of 9 million doses of the Sinovac-produced vaccine. 

In addition to CoronaVac, Azerbaijan’s health officials authorized Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca), Sputnik V, and Pfizer-BioNTech. 

On April 4, 84,000 doses of British-Swedish Vaxzevria vaccines were supplied from South Korea to Azerbaijan within the COVAX initiative. A total of 432,000 jabs of Vaxzevria were expected to be delivered to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan also imported 80,000 jabs of Russian-made Sputnik V as part of the purchase agreement signed between the country’s government and the immunizer’s manufacturer in March. The overall number of Sputnik-V jabs to be delivered to the country is 300,000. 

Meanwhile, the healthcare authorities in Azerbaijan advised a certain group of the country’s population, including the medical workers, people aged above 60, and those having a weak immune system, to receive the third dose or a vaccine booster. The third shot can differ from the vaccine they initially received and is subject to an individual’s personal choice, the Healthcare Ministry of Azerbaijan explained.

Covid-19 has infected 511,974 people in Azerbaijan as of October 22. The virus claimed 6,847 lives. Currently, there are 22,549 active coronavirus patients in Azerbaijan.