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Kazakh, Uzbek Leaders Sign Border Agreement

By Azamat Batyrov December 25, 2022


The Uzbek and Kazakh presidents signed an agreement on allied relations between the two Central Asian states and an agreement on demarcating the state borders of within the framework of a summit in Tashkent on December 22, 2022. / Kazakh State Press Service

The Uzbek and Kazakh presidents have signed an agreement on allied relations between the two Central Asian states and an agreement on demarcating the state borders of the two countries.

The agreement was signed at the Uzbek-Kazakh summit in Tashkent on December 22, according to the Uzbek presidential website.

"I will especially note the agreement on allied relations, which meets the fundamental interests of both fraternal peoples and marks a new stage in the history of Uzbek-Kazakh relations," Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

"Allied relations are the highest and most trust-based level of interstate partnership. Thus, we have confirmed that we have the intention of building a common future," he added.

Referring to the agreement on demarcating the Uzbek-Kazakh border, the Uzbek president said that "the agreement on demarcating the state border testifies to the strength of our relations and serves the cause of peace and security in the region." According to President Mirziyoyev, "our border has always been and remains one of friendship and good neighbourliness."

In his turn, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the agreements would open up new horizons and fully reflect the mutual desire of the two countries for further rapprochement.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan finalized an agreement on demarcating the common border on November 21, after the two countries’ representatives held the 100th meeting of the joint commission for demarcating the border on November 14-19.

"The sides have prepared for signing a draft agreement between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on demarcating the Kazakh-Uzbek state border and the drafts of final documents to demarcate the border, which are annexes to the agreement. The sides also signed the final protocol on the work carried out by the joint Kazakh-Uzbek demarcation commission," the spokesman for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, Aybek Smadiyarov, said on November 21.

According to Sputnik Kazakhstan, the length of the demarcated line of the state border between the countries is 2,356.6 kilometers. The sides have installed a total of 1,301 border signs.

"The agreement stipulates that the sides jointly inspect the state border line every 10 years after it comes into force," the report added.

Meanwhile, on November 28, the Kazakh Foreign Ministry circulated a draft agreement on an alliance between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, that will jointly respond to armed attacks on either of the countries.

The agreement stipulates that “if a situation, which in the opinion of one of the sides is a threat of an armed attack by third countries, arises, the sides will immediately hold relevant consultations with each other on a bilateral basis and within international organizations.”

In line with the document, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan "will not take part in any blocs or unions and refrain from taking part in any actions directed against one of them."

“The agreement will serve as a firm foundation to develop mutually beneficial cooperation and ensure comprehensive development of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the political, economic, investment, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian spheres," the document adds.