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Iran Arrests Dozens of “Terrorists” in Several Provinces

By Orkhan Jalilov July 29, 2021


The Iranian security forces have recently detained over 40 terrorists in different provinces across the country. /

The Iranian security forces have recently detained dozens of terrorists in different provinces across the country.

A group of six “terrorists” intending to enter Iran from Bukan county in the northwestern part of the country have been detained by the Hamzeh Seyyed ol-Shohada Base forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), ILNA news agency reported on July 27. 

Two members of the armed group were killed and one injured. Another three individuals willing to rescue the previous three were arrested while their weapons have been seized.

In another report issued on July 26, the prosecutor general of Fars Province, Kazem Mousavi, said Iran’s intelligence forces arrested 36 “terrorists” in seven different provinces across the country. A significant number of weapons and ammunition were also confiscated during the operations. 

“After identifying this takfiri-terrorist group’s core, 11 active group members were arrested in Fars Province, and the rest of the members were identified in six western and eastern provinces,” Mousavi said, adding that 25 group members were arrested in these provinces. 

“The group was planning to carry out simultaneous terrorist attacks in several provinces,” the prosecutor added.

According to Mousavi, these attacks were planned to be carried out with “intelligence cooperation and financial support of two intelligence services in a European and a regional country.”

Meanwhile, the head of the counter-espionage department of Iran’s Intelligence Ministry said the Israeli intelligence agents were arrested while carrying a heavy batch of weapons and ammunition. They have reportedly entered the country from the western borders.

“The Mossad terrorists’ plot for sabotage and creation of chaos in Iran has been thwarted,” the official said on July 27.

He further added that the group had planned to use these arms, including Colt guns, hand-grenades, Winchester guns, and bullet rounds, to organize “urban riots and assassinations” and turn the ongoing protests over water shortage in the southwestern Khuzestan Province into mass unrest. 

At least four protesters and a police officer have been killed in the recent protests in Iran. The authorities blame foreign agents for inciting local people to protest against the government.

On July 24, the Iranian border guards dismantled an arms trafficking gang that was planning to deliver weapons to Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan Province. The police chief of the province, Mohammad Salehi, said three gang members were arrested during separate operations, and 11 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 7,000 Kalashnikov bullets, and 1,500 pistol bullets were discovered and seized. 

The IRGC Hamzeh Seyyed ol-Shohada Base in the northwestern part of Iran announced on July 23 that it had seized arms and ammunition from “counter-revolutionary” groups. 

“The weapons were to be used to undermine security and carry out sabotage in the country,” the statement added.