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Eurovision Releases Teaser of Azerbaijan’s 2021 Entry

By Gunay Hajiyeva March 13, 2021


According to the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest, Samira Efendi will soon release her song and official music video. / Eurovision YouTube Channel

Eurovision organizers have released a teaser of the Azerbaijani contestant Samira Efendi’s song for the upcoming 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).

“Well, here’s the long-awaited teaser. Do you like it? Are you waiting for a full version of the music video?” Efendi wrote on her Instagram page shortly after the teaser was released on Thursday.

According to the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest, the singer from Azerbaijan will soon release her song, titled “Game of Desire,” as well as the official music video.

Last month, the official ESC broadcaster in Azerbaijan, Ictimai TV confirmed Efendi’s participation in Europe’s biggest song contest in Rotterdam this June. The young female pop star was yet again internally chosen for Eurovision 2021. Samira Efendi was originally supposed to represent Azerbaijan last year in the 65th edition of the ESC with her up-tempo electro-pop song “Cleopatra,” however, the contest was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

ESC is going to be the next song contest in Efendi’s professional career. She has previously performed in various popular musical shows such as the New Star, the Big Stage, and The Voice of Azerbaijan. At the local version of the worldwide known Voice contest, Efendi was the third-best singer. In 2017, she ranked third at the Silk Way Star international competition held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her most recent successful performance beyond the borders of Azerbaijan came in October 2019, when she took the stage at the Voice of Nur-Sultan singing show.

Since making a debut in ESC in 2008, Azerbaijan has been sending singers to Europe’s biggest song competition each year. Over the past thirteen years, representatives of the country have repeatedly made it through to the Eurovision finals. El & Nikki duet from Azerbaijan won the contest with their “Running scared” song in 2011, bringing the grand show to the country. A year later, the 57th edition of the Eurovision took place at the flamboyant Crystal Hall concert arena at the Caspian Sea promenade in the capital city Baku of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is the second country in the Caspian Sea region to win the largest pan-European song competition after Russia, which claimed the title in 2008. It was the first and only time the contest had been held in Moscow, after Dima Bilan’s victory with the “Believe” song at the contest in Belgrade.