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Azerbaijan Fashion Week Returns with Global Talent at Stone Chronicle Museum

By Vusala Abbasova May 22, 2023


The overarching theme of the 14th season revolves around the notion that fashion is not solely an expression of high art but also a lucrative business.

Azerbaijan is gearing up for another display of high-fashion as the Fashion Week returns, this time at the prestigious Stone Chronicle Museum from May 22-24.

In its 14th edition, Azerbaijan Fashion Week will showcase an array of local and international fashion talents with their latest spring and summer collections.

The Stone Chronicle Museum, renowned for its captivating stone and epigraphic monuments, will serve as the spectacular venue for the Azerbaijan Fashion Week. This highly anticipated event will bring together designers from Azerbaijan, France, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Emil Akhundov, the press officer of Azerbaijan Fashion Week, revealed in an interview with Caspian News that this season boasts an impressive presence of foreign guests compared to local attendees.

Each day, two Azerbaijani designers will unveil their exceptional collections, while the remaining designers will hail from various international destinations.

Among the highly anticipated participants is the remarkable Kazakh designer, Zherebtsov, whose creations are sure to leave a lasting impression, Akhundov said.

Georgia’s Ne.Klassika showroom will display collections of Ukrainian designers, including LESSLESS, Poustovit, Nadya Dzyak, Omelia, and Moon Lingerie, each presenting five distinctive looks in support of Ukraine. The spotlight will also shine on Lyubov Makarenko, a Ukrainian designer residing in France, who will proudly unveil her latest collection under the SAYYA brand.

Other esteemed international designers set to grace the event include Naz Maer, a Ukrainian designer residing in Georgia, along with Alliya and MA ALI, students of the Lariya Fashion School from Kazakhstan.

Additionally, the Fashion Week will showcase a group collection from the talented finalists of the "New Generation-Open Way" Kazakhstan designers contest, featuring the remarkable works of Saltanat Bektabanova's August, Akram Sadykzhanov's Sadakr, and Kseniya Volkova's GDA.

Azerbaijan's own fashion brands, ESCA LANA, Gulnara Xalilova, Natavan, Ny Gyul, and Mario Russo, will proudly represent the nation at this prestigious fashion event. Moreover, the budding talents of Menzer Zekizada Fashion School, including I.E.N.A Fashion, Sultan, and Turkay Mehbalizadeh, will seize the opportunity to showcase their debut collections, promising an exciting display of fresh perspectives and innovative designs.

The overarching theme of the 14th season revolves around the notion that fashion is not solely an expression of high art but also a lucrative business.

Today, the fashion industry stands as one of the most dynamic and promising sectors within the modern economy. The fashion industry in Italy counts over 67,000 businesses and employs more than 620,000 people, generating $80 billion annually. Similarly, the US fashion industry boasts more than 1.8 million jobs, contributing an impressive $370 billion to the nation's economy each year. Furthermore, the fashion industry's involvement in the production of materials, clothing, footwear, and accessories stimulates innovation and fuels technological progress.

The 14th season of Azerbaijan Fashion Week will also witness the revival of the highly anticipated competition for young designers. This time, the main theme of the competition will be recycling. As sustainability gains prominence in the global fashion industry, Azerbaijan seeks to embrace this movement by encouraging young designers to create innovative and environmentally conscious designs. This competition not only provides a platform for budding talent to showcase their skills but also encourages the adoption of sustainable practices within the Azerbaijani fashion industry.