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Wine Making Brings Azerbaijan and France Closer Together

By Mushvig Mehdiyev December 26, 2016


Cooperation between sister cities, the City of Tovuz in Azerbaijan and the French City of Cognac is on the rise under according to Michel Gourinchas, Cognac city mayor, in an interview with the French Charente Libre newspaper on December 25th.

Gourinchas specifically mentioned, as an example of cooperation between the two cities, the Tovuz-Baltiya Winemaking Company in Tovuz and the Cognac-based Mukov Winery. 

Tovuz is a western city (450 km far from capitol Baku) in Azerbaijan, a Western-leaning and staunchly secular Muslim-majority nation situated on the ancient and now modern Silk Road. The City of Tovuz is situated in a picturesque highland area and is prominent for its millennia-old and advanced vine-growing industry, boasting large vine plants of 700 hectares. 

The Tovuz-Cognac Friendship Park is due to open in Tovuz as a symbol of the firm relationship between the sister cities. Gourinchas said that he attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the park in his recent visit to Tovuz.

In a bid to develop mutually beneficial cooperation, Tovuz and Cognac signed a protocol to become twin cities in May, 2014. Since then, regular visits of the city's mayors and cultural exchanges have contributed significantly to reciprocal ties.

Renowned for its brandy, the city of Cognac (400 km far from capitol city Paris) is situated on both sides of the Charente river in southwestern France. The name Cognac originates from one of the world’s acclaimed brandy sorts or eau di vie.