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Azerbaijan Wrestlers Claim Record Medal Count

By Mushvig Mehdiyev December 26, 2016


Rasul Chunayev, Greek-Rome wrestler from Azerbaijan. Chunayev is the 3rd strongest in the world in 66 kg weight category, according to United World Wrestling data / AZERTAC

Azerbaijani wrestlers were awarded 255 medals in 2016, according to Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation. This, the largest number of prizes won in a single, included 62 gold medals. 

High-level and prestigious events in which the awards were won included, the Olympic Games, the World Cup and the European Championships. Azerbaijani wrestlers claimed 17 gold, 23 silver and 46 bronze medals. 

Adding to Azerbaijani's coming of age in wrestling were prizes won by youth and junior athletes. In world and European level, the medal count reached 255. Considering 47 total prizes won in 2009, a clear growth of wrestling in Azerbaijan as for the federation is evident.

Of the 255 total medals won, 62 were gold medals, with 61 silver and 132 bronze medals.

Of note, Rasul Chunayev, a Greco-Roman wrestler from Azerbaijan, is the 3rd strongest athlete in the world in 66 kg weight category, according to United World Wrestling’s data. Another Greco-Roman wrestler native to Azerbaijan, Rovshan Bayramov, sits on the 5th spot in the world ranking in 55 kg weight category.