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AIIC Named Azerbaijan’s Top Non-Life Insurance Company

By Farid Malikov December 27, 2016


The Global Brands Magazine awards, among the world's most recognized branding awards, announced Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company (AIIC) as the winner of Best Non-Life Insurance Company in Azerbaijan for the year 2016. The awards recognize the company's excellence in setting a benchmark in offering standard non life insurance products to its customers.

Judges in the Brand Awards for Excellence, covering banking and capital markets across 100 countries, gave the award to Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company in recognition of its financial stability and compliance of other indicators with standards.

"Strong decisions taken at crucial times have helped the fortunes of Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company. The Company may now concentrate on become the biggest Non-Life Insurance Company Azerbaijan," said a spokesman for Global Brands Magazine.

The annual Global Brands Magazine awards celebrate the best in class brands, and Azerbaijan Industry Insurance Company received plaudits for its excellence and branding activities last year. The award aims to identify, create awareness about the significant economic value added by the institute & reward their performance with the ultimate global recognition.

Global Brands Awards was established with the aim of honouring excellence in performance and rewarding Companies in the field of Finance, Education, Hospitality, Automobiles, Lifestyle, and Real Estate & Technology. More than 4000 Companies were evaluated as a part of the recent study conducted.